Accès Location+ is glad to partner up with the Children’s Wish Foundation. The company has made a commitment to pay for a child’s dream every year for a duration of five years by offering a minimum of 50 000$, thanks to the redistribution of a part of the profits made from the location of the highest telescopic boom lift available in the province of Québec, the JLG 1850SJ. Therefore, it is the very implication of the clients that allows Accès Location+ to spread joy in the children’s life.

For this occasion, the 185 feet telescopic boom lift took on the colors of Rêves d’enfants : « Being committed to our community is part of our values here at Accès Location+. We established a project in order to know which causes our employees held dear. The Children’s Wish Foundation was an answer that came back frequently and it is from there that came this grandiose idea. We are very proud of this partnership and of the teamwork that allowed us to deliver this project » explains Luc Bertrand, CEO of Accès Location+.

Founded in 1985 the Children’s Wish Foundation allowed over 25 000 canadian children affected with a condition threatening their lives, or affected with a severe genetic or neurologic condition to live an amazing experience. The demands for dreams continues to grow every year and that is why such a support is very welcomed. « The only sources of income of the Children’s Wish Foundation come from the fundraising activities, donations from companies or foundations and donations from the public. With the generosity and trust of our partners such as Accès Location+, we can go on with our mission and never have to say no to an eligible child. » says Juli Meilleur, executive director of the Children’s Wish Foundation in the province of Québec. « It is amazing to know that with the location of this telescopic boom lift which bears the colors of Children’s Wish, children affected with a condition threatening their lives will have the opportunity to realize their biggest dream. »

A great partnership between Accès Location+ and Children’s Wish Foundation